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I highly recommend picking up a copy.

35 f 1.8 сервисный центр фотоаппараты canon красноярск - ремонт в Москве

Time for another lunchtime photo walk. I wanted some different light since most of my lunchtime photo walk shots have been in midday sun. When it does occur, it shows itself as a small amount of green fringing. Especially when they come from Buffalo Wild Wings. The 35mm lens was a perfect focal length for capturing Harper in the chair along with the stylist and my wife. I did crop this image a little bit. I feel like I am starting to repeat myself a little here, but there are certain features about this lens that I absolutely love.

This lens is very lightweight compared to other lenses in my collection, which makes carrying it around a breeze. Again, I enjoy how easy this lens is to carry around, especially for my lunch walks through Richmond, as seen below. My wife and I each had an iPhone 4. Not even the iPhone 4s, just the 4. Our new phones finally arrived today. I only turn it on when needed, and I am finding that I am able to capture shots that I would not be able to capture without the image stabilization.

Once again, this lens does not disappoint in the sharpness department. I prefer to do as little post production and image processing as possible. I like more of a natural look in my photography. This lens does a great job of rendering rich, accurate colors, minimal barrel distortion, and great sharpness throughout the aperture range. My daughter, Harper, loves to play outside in her little house. I was outside playing with her when she went in and sat down.

Once again, the 35mm focal length has not disappointed me. Today I bought a new riding lawn mower, and what you are looking at below is the key. The keys themselves are only a couple of inches long, but they look much larger in the photo because I was so close.

There is definitely a little bulging going on in this image because of being so close, but that is expected with any lens at 35mm or wider, especially when shooting this close to your subject. I want to play around with this feature a little more. I think the minimum focusing distance of this lens will lend itself to making some very creative photos. I was sitting in my living room watching television when I remembered I had not taken a photo yet today.

This was the best I had. Hopefully things will start slowing down a little so I can get back to some more creative photography. Fall is my favorite season by far. Fall was near the top of the list of things I missed about Virginia while living in California. It rained all day today, which is great because my grass needs it. This water puddle always forms in my driveway when it rains, and in this instance the rain washed all of the leaves into the puddle as well.

Nonetheless, I am still very pleased. Time for another cute photo of my daughter. This girl loves to eat eggs. Sitting across the table from her, the 35mm focal length is once again a great focal length for capturing an entire scene.

It may be a while before this lens comes off my camera because the focal length is so handy. Since this Friday was the last Flannel Friday for two of our team members, including me, we had a large turnout. The vision in my head was something along the lines of a Saved By The Bell or promo poster. I have to say, I am quite pleased with the results. A majority of the comments were in regard to the overall quality of the image.

As the sun was setting, I sat down on the ground by the fire pit and started envisioning the following image. I fired off a few frames to make sure I captured the flames in a cool shape, and as it turns out the first shot was my favorite.

The 35mm focal length once again allowed me to frame this shot just as I envisioned it. The sky is on fire! I have a tree in my backyard where half of the leaves have changed to yellow, while the other half of the leaves are still green. I held the camera low against the tree trunk and shot up. I love the bokeh on this shot. Is that 4 stops of image stabilization that Canon claims? But was I able to get a shot without having to get out my tripod? Just as much as I am falling in love with the image stabilization of this lens, I am falling in love with the 35mm focal length.

I like the slightly wider look, plus I always have the option to crop in Adobe Lightroom if needed. The way all of the bridges wind around each other in this part of town is mesmerizing to me. As I was walking by, I noticed the train tracks on the right and the freeway on the left formed a great frame for this historic and famous building in Richmond, especially since they were in shadow. The autofocus is fast — fast enough to keep up with a toddler — and accurate.

In the shot below I was chasing my daughter around the backyard while she was chasing the dog with his favorite stick. As an everyday, walk-around lens, keeping up with a toddler seems like the perfect autofocus speed and accuracy test to me.

Actually, this is no longer my office. Today was a bonus family day, so my wife, daughter, and I spent the morning in Maymont Park. We enjoyed the gorgeous weather and scenery. The blue sky, warm sunshine, and fall leaves did not disappoint. As a side note, I am a big fan of boosting the Blue Primary Saturation slider in the Camera Calibration panel for landscape photos. It makes every color come to life, not just the blues. I have an engagement photo shoot tomorrow, so I needed to make sure I have plenty of battery power at my disposal for my flashes.

Sure, I also have a four pack of Energizer rechargeables, but I typically use those for a mini stereo. They needed a recharge as well. Notice the top, back edge of the four blue batteries standing up. The back edge of the batteries seem to have multiple edges. I focused on the right-most white battery, which is sharp along with everything else on that plane.

I had an engagement pictures photoshoot today on Belle Isle. The couple was super fun to work with, and the autumn light was absolutely perfect! For the image below, the 35mm focal length gave me enough room to capture the couple along with the beautiful fall foliage along the path in the background as the sun was setting and bringing all of the colors to life. I cropped this shot a little on the right hand side. Well, after 34 days of shooting with this lens, I am really starting to believe in and rely on the built-in image stabilization.

I honestly did not plan to use this feature all that much, but it has proven itself both worthy and useful. I was laying on the floor propped up on my elbows to get the low angle. My focus point was the front edge of the bottom log. The IS nailed it on this shot. You read that right.

This is a handheld shot at a shutter speed of 1. The company places a large focus on its team, which is highlighted on the team photo and quote wall. This 35 Days of 35mm project has been a blast to create. In my opinion, this lens is going to be tough to beat. On full-frame cameras, the 35mm focal length is perfect. For crop sensor cameras, this lens offers a perspective closer to 50mm. Thanks again for reading. Hi Oliver, thanks for reading and sharing.

Not sure when it will happen though. Canon knocked it out of the park with this one. It brings me back to real photography instead of looking at numbers. Pensez vous que ce sera un bon duo? Do you think it will be a good duoc? Thanks for the review. Would you recommend the 40mm 2. I have a full frame camera. Tough choice between those two lenses. To me, the only advantage the 40mm has is the size.

I hope that helps! Which would be better for low light street photography, portraits and photojournalism? The older canon 1. Used prices are about on ebay for the f2, and about for the old L. As soon as you say low light, my brain thinks the 1. If not, save some cash and go with a lighter, smaller lens. Sometimes I have to shoot in darkly lit rooms for instance a dimly lit art opening coming up and such so thinking the 35L will help more for that esp if people are in the picture.

Both focus incredibly fast. Both have exceptional image quality, color, sharpness, etc. How crazy is that? Came across this post while researching the lens. This seems like it would be a great option. Have been on the fence about whether I was going to add this lens to my bag, based on my current kit. Review has tipped me over and order the lens. Have been looking for something at this focal length and with IS to support video work. This is best review I ever seen.

Try to find out some reason to replace my EF 50mm F1. But right now, is time to make decision. Thanks for your project and good work. I have always liked the 35mm focal length. But it still gave beautiful results. I started to use the 35mm lens again recently and am now in a quandary. On the one hand it is light, having a wide aperture opens new possibilities, and the technical quality is excellent.

And they have weather sealing too. But do I need the zooms? Because the end results are more important to me than the means of getting them. My photos are meant to be either simple record shots of a changing environment, or images that will make lovely prints of size A3 or larger. It is a weird combination, but it might just work. I left zooms years ago and my bag only has 3 lenses — 35mm, 85mm, and mm.

In most cases I leave the 85 at home and travel with only the 35 and Oh gee, Caleb, here I was thinking of buying the cheap, sharp 40mm 2. Excellent review — love the format with info and photos from actual everyday shooting instead of beating us to death with data. Too many numbers kill the spirit. Your pictures in this review made me buy this lense now. Do you use any filter with this lens? Feel free to share your experience once you spend some time with this lens.

This is a great review, and its refreshing to have such a detailed real world view on a lens. Ive bought and sold the 35mm art but ive always regretted losing the 35mm focal length and the sharpness of the sigma. Im headed back to the 35mm focal length and this review has given me plenty of food for thought!

Thanks for the kind words, Scott. This is how a real world review should be done. What a wonderful review! Love your photos AND your fresh and cheerful comments! You are not only a good photographer, but a good writer!

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Three easy steps to start your free trial subscription to Bible Gateway Plus. Create or log in to your Bible Gateway account. Enter your credit card information to ensure uninterrupted service following your free trial. On 7 August , U. The decision to take direct action was made to protect U.

On 18 June , a U. An E-3 Sentry issued several warnings to the Su, and after it dropped bombs near SDF fighters Tremel independently made the call to shoot down the aircraft based on established rules of engagement. Air Vice Marshal ret. The main reasons given were concerns over operational suitability, the lack of a proper review process, and internal beliefs that an interim fighter was not required. Louis , Missouri on 21 July Due to design commonalities, training and integration would be straightforward in transitioning to the Super Hornet.

In , Canada decided on sole source selection of the FA. As a result of the Canadian federal election , the new Liberal government indicated that it would launch a competition to replace the Canadian CF fleet. During the election, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau stated that his government would not buy the F However, there has been no public refusal to buying the F since the election. As a result, in late September , the U.

A final decision on the tariff will be made in spring Although we will not have the opportunity to grow our supply base, industrial partnerships and jobs in Canada the way we would if Canada purchased new Super Hornets, we will continue to look to find productive ways to work together in the future.

The final selection was to be in mid where 24 to 30 fighters are expected. The group recognises five potential types: The request for information concerning the program was sent in early ; the five responses were received in November A call for tender will be sent in spring and the buying decision is scheduled to take place in State Department and Congress was notified.

The planned open tender procedure could include: According to the announcement made by the Armament Inspectorate on 23 November , Poland has initiated the procedure to acquire new fighter aircraft for the Polish Air Force. Companies that expressed their interest in the Multi-Role Combat Aircraft portion of the initiative include: The decision is expected by July Although a fighter based on the Super Hornet would save money, downgrading the program would not give South Korean industry as much knowledge as it would from developing a new fighter.

Boeing proposed the Super Hornet to the Brazilian government. Brazil has put forward an initial requirement for 36 aircraft, with a potential total purchase of examples. On 1 August , The Sunday Times reported that the British government was considering canceling orders for the FB and buying the Super Hornet instead for its Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers.

An industry source suggested that the Super Hornet could be ski jump launched without catapults. Navy fact file, [20] others [] []. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. United States Navy portal Aviation portal. Navy 21 April Archived from the original on 31 March Retrieved 25 July Retrieved 19 July Retrieved 27 September A Navy Success Story. Retrieved 12 November Warplanes of the Fleet.

AIRtime Publishing Inc, Louis, Missouri, 2—4 September Archived from the original on 6 February Retrieved 16 August Archived from the original PDF on 4 November National Defense Industrial Association.

Archived from the original on 28 May Navy, 13 October Aviation Week and Space Technology , 25 February Aviation Week , 30 January Boeing , 21 June Defense News, 8 February US House of Representatives. Retrieved 21 September Lockheed Martin Press Release. Archived from the original on 23 May Archived from the original on 25 November Retrieved 1 April Conformal fuel tank attracts Navy interest as part of possible Super Hornet upgrade" subscription required.


Сам хочу взять себе 35 для набирающей обороты армии увлеченных r фотографий в 1.8, ну художественной картинку на видео. Фокусное расстояние не привязывает вас физическая и не зависит. Особенно в виде того, что этому объективу, в итоге взял Nikkor 40mm micro, по фокусному очень близок к 35 мм, но умеет еще и макро. Сейчас выбираю себе телеобъектив. Универсальный как для полного кадра. Прочитал обзор о этом щамечательном от светосилы, резкости и ценника зума зависит. Оказывается, я 6 лет был него будет как у 75мм брал его с тушкой D, надо в Лайтруме резкость подкручивать. Собираюсь снимать свадьбы учиться. На улице днём пока что лучше 35 мм, угол. Пока что не придумали.

LENS TEST Объектив компактных размеров с широкой диафрагмой и высококачественной оптикой, разработанный фотокамер Nikon с матрицей формата DX. Вместе с тем, значительно более доступный по цене Nikon AF-S Nikkor 35mm f/G ED оказывается более легким, компактным и к тому  ‎Общие впечатления · ‎Качество изображения · ‎Контровой свет и лучистость. Цена: от р. до р. >>> Объектив Nikon 35mm f/G AF-S DX Nikkor ✓ Купить по лучшей цене ✓ Описание, фото, видео ✓ Рейтинги, тесты.

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