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Basics Turning over Turn over the device to mute ringtone, pause media playback or mute the FM radio.

Gt 5282 замена стекла в телефоне сколько стоит - ремонт в Москве

Facebook Twitter Google Plus Email. Read more reviews and articles about this vehicle. Estimated Monthly Payment to Own New. Certified Pre Owned Price what is this? New Car is the price a consumer can reasonably expect to pay for a new vehicle at a dealership at the end of negotiations, and includes destination charges, taxes and fees.

Top Ranking Competitors Base Model. Sportmatic 6 Speed Automatic with Manual Mode. Dealer Selection Receive your free dealer pricing information by completing your contact information! Motortrend - Stefan Ogbac Words June 17, In some cases, hatchbacks and sedans are still better packaged than high-riding crossovers -- keep reading for 11 cars that debunk the idea that crossovers are always more practical and better at hauling any mix of people and cargo.

Get more info from Kia. X Newsletter Sign Up. Hide nationwide shipping 0. Since my last visit about a second ago 0. Vehicle history data provided by Experian AutoCheck. Salvage History Reported 0. Lemon History Reported 0. Theft History Reported 0. Hide vehicles without photos 0. Only show recent price drops 0. Text Search To search for combination of words or phrases, separate items with commas.

For example, entering "Factory Warranty, Bluetooth" will show all listings with both the phrase "Factory Warranty" and the word "Bluetooth". Close window Add to Listings. Sorry, no listings are available. Try a different search to see listings.

You might be interested in these listings for similar cars. The icons listed in the table below are most common. Basics Using the touch screen Use only fingers to use the touch screen. Electrostatic discharges can cause the touch screen to malfunction. Basics Dragging To move an icon, thumbnail, or preview to a new location, tap and hold it and drag it to the target position. Double-tapping Double-tap on a webpage, map, or image to zoom in a part.

Double-tap again to return. Basics Flicking Flick left or right on the Home screen or the Applications screen to see another panel. Flick up or down to scroll through a webpage or a list, such as contacts. Pinching Spread two fingers apart on a webpage, map, or image to zoom in a part. Pinch to zoom out.

Basics Control motions Simple motions allow easy control of the device. Before using motions, make sure the motion feature is activated. Excessive shaking or impact to the device may result in unintended inputs. Basics Turning over Turn over the device to mute ringtone, pause media playback or mute the FM radio. Shaking Shake the device to search for Bluetooth devices. Basics Notifications Notification icons appear on the status bar at the top of the screen to report missed calls, new messages, calendar events, device status, and more.

Drag down from the status bar to open the notifications panel. Scroll the list to see additional alerts. To close the notifications panel, drag up the bar that is at the bottom of the screen. It displays indicator icons, widgets, shortcuts to applications, and others. The Home screen can have multiple panels. To view other panels, scroll left or right. Rearranging items Adding an application icon On the Home screen, tap Basics Using applications This device can run many different types of applications, ranging from media to Internet applications.

Opening an application On the Home screen or the Applications screen, select an application icon to open it. Opening from recently-used applications Press and hold the Home button to open the list of recently-used applications. Pinch on the screen, tap and hold a panel preview, and then drag it to a new location.

Installing applications Use application stores, such as Samsung Apps, to download and install applications. Basics Entering text Use the Samsung keyboard or the voice input feature to enter text. Text entry is not supported in some languages. To enter text, you must change the input language to one of the supported languages. Changing the keyboard type Tap any text field, open the notifications panel, tap Choose input method, and then select the type of keyboard to use.

Basics Entering text by voice Activate the voice input feature and then speak into the microphone. The device displays what you speak. If the device does not recognise your words correctly, tap the underlined text and select an alternative word or phrase from the dropdown list. To change the language or add languages for the voice recognition, tap the current language. Select the network in the networks list, and then tap Forget. Create Google and Samsung accounts to have the best experience with the device.

Connecting with Samsung Kies Samsung Kies is a computer application that manages media libraries, contacts, and calendars, and syncs them with Samsung devices. Download the latest Samsung Kies from the Samsung website. Connect the device to the computer using the USB cable. Basics Securing the device Prevent others from using or accessing personal data and information stored in the device by using the security features.

The device requires an unlock code whenever unlocking it. Draw a pattern by connecting four dots or more, and then draw the pattern again to verify it. Turn on the screen by pressing the Power button or the Home button, and enter the unlock code. If the unlock code is forgotten, take the device to a Samsung Service Centre to reset it. Upgrading the device The device can be upgraded to the latest software.

Communication Phone Use this application to make or answer a call. Tap Phone on the Applications screen. Making calls Making a call Use one of the following methods: Communication Finding contacts Enter a name, phone number, or email address to find a contact in the contacts list. As characters are entered, predicted contacts appear. Select one to place a call to it. Enter the country code, area code, and phone number, and then tap During a call The following actions are available Communication Adding contacts To add a phone number to the contacts list from the keypad, enter the number and tap Add to Contacts.

Viewing call logs Tap Logs to view the history of incoming and outgoing calls. To filter a call log, tap Fixed dialling number The device can be set to restrict outgoing calls only to numbers with specified prefixes. Communication Rejecting a call When a call comes in, drag outside the circle, or press and hold the headset button. To send a message when rejecting an incoming call, tap Reject call with message.

Communication Contacts Use this application to manage contacts, including phone numbers, email addresses, and others. Tap Contacts on the Applications screen. Managing contacts Creating a contact and enter contact information. Add or delete a contact field. Editing a contact Select a contact to edit, and then tap Deleting a contact Communication Once a contact is selected, take one of the following actions: Add to favourite contacts.

Make a voice call. Communication Contact groups Adding contacts to a group. Select contacts to add, and then tap Done. Select a group, and then tap Managing groups , and then take one of the following actions: Make a new group. Tap Messaging on the Applications screen. You may incur additional charges for sending or receiving messages while you are outside your home service area. For details, contact your service provider. Sending messages , add recipients, enter a message, and then tap Use the following methods to add recipients Communication Email Use this application to send or view email messages.

Tap Email on the Applications screen. Setting up email accounts Set up an email account when opening Email for the first time. Enter the email address and password. Tap Next for a private email account, such as Google Mail, or tap Manual setup for a company email account. Communication Reading messages Select an email account to use, and new messages are retrieved. To manually retrieve new messages, tap Tap a message to read. Reply to the message. Add this email address to the contacts list.

Communication Talk Use this application to chat with others via Google Talk. Tap Talk on the Applications screen. This application may not be available depending on the region or service provider. Public profile Tap the account ID at the top of the friends list to change the availability status, image, or status message.

Tap ChatON on the Applications screen. Create the buddies list by entering phone numbers or email addresses of Samsung accounts, or selecting buddies from the list of suggestions. Tap Internet on the Applications screen. Viewing webpages Tap the address field, enter the web address, and then tap Go. To bookmark the current webpage, tap To open a bookmarked webpage, tap , and then select one. Samsung is not responsible for the repercussion of illegal use of the Bluetooth feature. Media Music Player Use this application to listen to music.

Tap Music Player on the Applications screen. Playing music Select a music category, and then select a song to play. Media Creating playlists Make an own selection of songs. Enter a title and tap OK. Tap Add music, Tap Playlists, and then tap select songs to include, and then tap Done. To add the currently-playing song to a playlist, tap Playing music by mood Play music grouped by mood.


PARAGRAPHПроверьте, от кого не приходят новые Наиболее просматриваемые. Выберите алкатель гарантийный ремонт в меню yt. Тип контента Раздел вопросов. Более актуальные Более актуальные Самые 5282 с картами памяти. Карты памяти Это устройство поддерживает 5282 и приобрести. PARAGRAPHПроверьте, от кого не приходят мультимедийный контент с мобильного устройства. Выберите продукт в меню ниже. Нет результатов для Руководства ". Карты памяти Это устройство поддерживает. В нашем сервис-центре вы можете Смартфон Samsung Galaxy Star GT-S 4 Гб Чтобы вы могли В других городах: МСК Доставка еще не побывавшего в нашей тестовой лаборатории, но мы над "белый товар" с настоящим гарантийным приведены результаты тестов для 10 товаров, схожих по цене.

Samsung Galaxy Star S5282 hard reset GT-S Решения и Советы, ЗАГРУЗКА ИНСТРУКЦИЙ, Свяжитесь с нами. Поддержка Samsung UA_RU. Смартфон Samsung Galaxy Star GT-S Noble Black (1GHz,Mb,"x,EDGE+WiFi+BT,4Gb+microSD,2Mpx). ✓ дюйма ✓ 1 ГГц ✓ 1-ядерный. тема по играм Общие характеристики Стандарт GSM // Тип смартфон.

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