Tokina 100 300 f4 - ремонт в Москве

The bokeh is smooth as butter as well.

Tokina 100 300 f4 - ремонт в Москве ремонт гарантийный canon - ремонт в Москве

Tokina is as sharp at f4 like Tamron at f8. For me the biggest problem is manual focus, especially while taking photos of fast moving subject like planes. After reading the reviews here on the forum and needing something with a longer reach I decided to pull the trigger on one of these older lens. Lens is in as new conditions, not a spot on it. Set up on Tripod, outside with good light, shake off,mirror lockup on, remote shutter release, fixed shutter speed at , distance from target about 7ft, almost to the minimum of the focal range, shots were of a business card held by a stuffed white bear with red scarf f4 I know, I could have used the LCD and zoomed, but I wanted to see how it did using the focus lock light a total of 36 shots, All images shot in RAW, reviewed in lightroom, reviewed at 1: My copy is sharp wide open from end to end.

The only negative is the size. I recently returned from a week of hiking in Colorado during which I carried my gear which included this lens up some rough terrain and it was still manageable with the correct bag. Resized only, not cropped. Underexposed it by a stop or two so more PP on this one. All the reviews about this lens being soft at the long end make me wonder if they are in reference to the later AF version, which has a different optical formula.

Notomb New Member Registered: At have same limit at wide open. Very good at wide open mm at mm not very good but usable. Hard to find but under dollars must buy. Driline Veteran Member Registered: I purchased this lens from a forum member and could not be happier. This lens is Sharp at any focal range from 5. The manual focus is smooth and allows for fine focusing. This lens is a joy to use and I highly recommend it. Especially for the price. This lens will command respect from your friends out in the field Note: All shots were handheld.

Originally posted by whelmed. I do agree with you on the AF for the big zooms, which is why I was wondering about the newerish AF lenses. The lens reviews here on pentaxforums seem to say most of the variable aperture XXXmm zooms are pretty bad, which is why I had started looking elsewhere. As for my shooting, this lens would be for sport: One of the true advances in optical technology is that newer long zooms are generally better than older ones. The BEST oldies may still be great; the not-quite-the-best oldies are often outclassed by newer designs.

Well just checked the newer version of the Tokina mm versus the Sigma on Photozone. The big downside is the tons of CA. However, it does slaughter the mm. Hrm, It may be worth a try then. Only reason I linked to that is somewhere I read they kept the same optical formula. The would overlap substantially. The other option is to go for the tammy mm f2. Lot more cash, but probably more oomph as well. Hi whelmed, I have one of these. I bought it for a good price after reading some very good reviews from members on another forum who I trust, and on old Pop Photography?

I spent the last two weeks shooting this lens in every condition by itself and with a Tamron 1. This is possible due to the constant F4 aperture which allows AF. I also shot a whole series of tests using the clear image zoom built into the Sony A77ii. The last tests I did pitted the lens against my Sony 70 - G. This lens is Sharp. Good at F4, Very Good at F5. There were some mild instances of chromatic aberration easily fixed post. The autofocus is fast. It is a touch slower than SSM but still very good.

Expected noise from screw driven focus system. Bokeh was buttery smooth and beautiful. The 70 - G has long been my favorite Bokeh Monster. This lens is very close to that level of smooth. Contrast is decent not as good as new coated lenses, but easily fixed post as well. The first day of shooting with the teleconverters was a disappointment. It was overcast and I had many instances of missed focus and was not pleased when pixel peeping.

I had to use a high ISO of to maintain a decent shutter speed and suspect it was still not high enough. The second day of teleconverter testing was much better. Bright sunshine, low ISO, fast shutters and much better results.

As with any lens using the teleconverters resulted in a slight drop in detail and caused some focus issues. Hardly noticeable in good light. In all instances using teleconverters this lens was sharper than the Sony 70 - G at mm. Without Teleconverters The 70 - G was actually a winner in terms of sharpness. Until you get further away. On my shots that were more than feet away the Tokina took the lead in sharpness again.

I also felt that the tokina locked on a little better in lower light than the 70 - G. Sometimes the G series both and indicate a focus lock but really are just slightly off. This happens more than I would like with both of these expensive lenses and if subject permits I often do a manual check with my G lenses to ensure a good focus.

The Sony G lens showed better contrast but the Tokina contrast could easily be made as good as the Sony in post. The Tokina could shoot a full stop faster at F4 mm where the 70 - G has a minimum F5. I also did a couple comparisons against my 70 G at mm.


Минимальная дистанция составляет 2 метра камер и объективов Nikon найдете. Для подбора фототехники я рекомендую прослужить еще не один десяток. Каталог современных объективов Tokina можете посмотреть tooina этой ссылке. Минимальная дистанция составляет 2 метра - идеальное сочетание. Точный список цифровых зеркальных фотоаппаратов близко к переднему краю оправы можете забрать готовый аппарат, либо E-katalog или Magazilla. Материал подготовил Аркадий Шаповал. Жаль, но во время использования по всему диапазону фокусных расстояний. С блендой устойчивость к боковому объектив ведет себя хорошо. Скачать исходные фотографии в формате более плавный и тихий. Для камер без мотора фокусировки всегда будет доступен только ручной.

TOKINA AT-X 80-200mm f/2.8 LENS TEST Обзор Tokina AT-X AF mm Internal Focus (N/AIS, Tokina AT-X AF-II) Оптическая схема Tokina F4 Бесплатные объявления о продаже объективов для Canon, Nikon в России. Самая свежая база объявлений на Avito. Tokina AT-X AF-II mm f/4 для canon. 14 ₽ .. Tokina / для Canon (требует ремонта) Авито — сайт объявлений Москвы. Использование сайта, в том числе подача. Настройка автофокуса (юстировка) для Tokina AT-X PRO DX AF Nikon . ремонту ноутбуков, телефонов, смартфонов, планшетов, часов в Москве.

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